City Hall

Well, That Was Quick: Kunkle's "For Mayor" Website Is Already Up. So Too Is Ron Natinsky's.

Only yesterday, former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle filed his campaign treasurer papers with the City Secretary's Office and made it all official-like: He's running for Dallas mayor. His website launched this morning -- so too the requisite Facebook and Flickr pages and Twitter account. And I see yardsigns, like the one at right, are already available.

Also making its bow: Ron Natinsky's for-mayor site, till now only a coming-soon placeholder. There, the council member makes his pitch: "Ron builds consensus rather than divides. He looks for solutions, not scapegoats. He leads through diplomacy instead of attacking through ambush." In short: He's a lover, not a fighter. Strange, though: Angela Hunt's website, which yesterday led off with an item about the Lower Greenville planned development district, is currently drawing a blank. Hmmm. (Update: Hunt sends word: Just a glitch, as the host ISP switched servers. "A coincidence," she says, laughing.)