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It's Curtains For the AMC Grand 24

A little while ago AMC Entertainment Inc. sent out a press release announcing that come November 30, it will "vacate the premises" at the 24-screen AMC Grand off Stemmons Freeway and W. Northwest Highway. But it'll be dead long before that, as AMC has to get 24 screens and 15 years' worth of stuff outta there long before it turns over the keys. Seems AMC ran into a lease issue with the building's owner, Kansas City-based Entertainment Properties Trust, and that, as they say, is that. And just like that, the first and most revolutionary megaplex ever opened in the U.S. will be no more.

I've left messages for, among others, John Weis, head of investor relations at EPT, to see what'll become of the property. I'll update if and when we get calls back. AMC officials also aren't available. Instead, all we have are the statements of AMC execs who say they're real, real sad to go, but, eff it, that's showbiz:

"It's disappointing that we have not come to terms on a historical, and to us, a somewhat sentimental property," said Gerry Lopez, AMC's chief executive officer and president. "But in our opinion, the proposal advanced by EPT is simply untenable. We continue to negotiate with EPT on several other properties and will see where those discussions take us."

"Throughout the past 15 years at AMC The Grand 24, we made history and developed many friends in the community," said Mark McDonald, AMC's executive vice president of global development. "We will miss them."