Angela Hunt's Trinity Corridor Plan B

Last week, Angela Hunt was close to posting on her Web site a Trinity River Corridor Project Plan B -- the name of Jim Schutze's new band, so happens. Instead, she fleshed it out with a flash-forward and gave it to The Dallas Morning News, where it appears this morning. To summarize: Fix the levees; get going on Project Pegasus and straighten out S.M. Wright's Dead Man's Curve, among other transportation needs outlined in the Trinity River Corridor Project plan; and make good on the Trinity River park, lakes and trails already, for God's sakes. Writes Hunt:
We can no longer allow the toll road's delay and uncertainty to prevent Dallas from moving forward in addressing our transportation and flood control needs and in fulfilling the promise of a great park. Plan B will allow us to finally realize the dream of the Trinity River project.

Some city leaders refuse to acknowledge the need for Plan B, dismissing concerns about the toll road as defeatist. This approach appears less and less prudent as problems with the toll road compound and its billion-dollar funding gap grows.