Dallas ISD's New Chief of Police Is a Very Familiar Name: Craig Miller of the DPD

Craig Miller's one of the most visible members of the Dallas Police Department -- has been for years, as Miller served as commander of the Dallas PD's Homicide Unit, its narcotics unit and then as its deputy chief over Crimes Against Persons. Whenever there's a homicide or a kidnapping or some other awful crime, Miller's usually the man the DPD trusts to talk on TV; he's seen more press conferences since coming on in '82 than most local cameramen (or cameras). But as of today, Miller's no longer a member of the Dallas PD: The Dallas Independent School District just announced that Miller's joining its police force as its new chief, replacing John Blackburn, who left in August.

Says DISD Interim Superintendent Alan King in a statement issued by the district, "Craig Miller is widely respected by his colleagues at DPD and has outstanding leadership skills. His knowledge of Dallas and its neighborhoods, as well as his relationships with DPD officers, will enhance the district's ability to maintain safe schools on behalf of students, staff and parents."

Didn't know till reading the DISD's release that Miller also manages outside transportation and security for the American Airlines Center, which he also did for Reunion Arena from '93 till 2001. Says the now-former deputy chief, who takes over October 25: "After nearly 30 years with the Dallas Police Department, the transition to lead the Dallas ISD Police force is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I truly believe that Dallas ISD students are the future of our city. I hope that through this position, I will be able to mentor students and and be a positive role model. It is my intent to be active in the school community and be available to all school administrators."

In related news, I will be serving as Superintendent for a Day at F.P. Caillet tomorrow morning -- my old elementary school, matter of fact. Leaving Joe in charge of the blog in the a.m. You've been warned.