Check Out Yet Another Classy City-Owned Building: The Former Walnut Hill Library

I guess this is one in a series: City-Owned Buildings Gone to Hell. Staying, for the time being, in Northwest Dallas, today's stop is the former Walnut Hill Library on Marsh Lane and Northwest Highway, which has been replaced with the one-parking-lot-over Bachman Lake Branch Library.

The Walnut Hill branch opened in '61 and has become, like other shuttered branches in recent years, a playground for mischief-makers -- hence its myriad broken, boarded-up windows, some of which appear freshly shattered. Either that, or that broken glass on the ground (seen after the jump) is just for decoration.

The mayor's all gung-ho about getting downtown building owners to bring their vacant buildings up to code. Perhaps it's time he address the city's own eyesores.