The Texas DMV Would Love to Know Your Thoughts on These Proposed Plates

It's been about a year now since the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles introduced the do-it-yourself personalized-plates-maker known as MyPlates, which still provides endless hours of entertainment as you attempt to see which dirty words you can slip through. (Side note: After typing that sentence, I went off to do a little research on Texas license plates past and spent way too long looking at this 255-page design history-of.) Anyway.

The TxDMV just sent word: In addition to that big ol' Great Texas Plate Auction scheduled for January 13 at Cowboys Stadium -- where you can purchase, for the first time ever, seven-character plates, including "RANGERS," well, all right -- there are a handful of new designs in need of your look-see before their okee-doked. (There are more than just the four above.) Among them, as you can see, is this proposed design for Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas.

Say, did you know the first time Texans could personalize their plates was in 1965? Came with the passing of the Prestige License Plate Act. Cost then: $10. And it was in 1933 that the state Legislature authorized the Texas Prison System in Huntsville to manufacture the Texas plates. I am now full of such facts, which I will sprinkle throughout the rest of today's items.