Roddy Beaubois, Caron Butler Get Into Mavs Starting Lineup For Letterman's Top 10

Some of the staff's already downtown for the parade -- along with the thousands already on hand both at Victory Park and behind the barricades stretching back to the Dallas Convention Center starting point. And, this just in from Dallas City Hall:
Accommodations will be made for people who are handicap and attending the parade. We are suggesting those folks stage themselves at the beginning of the parade route at Young and Griffin where offices will assist them to find a spot to watch the parade. We are suggesting this location because we believe it will be easier for those people to exit downtown once the parade has concluded and not get caught up in the crowds.
Now, then, as we await the first dispatch of the day, here's the inevitable parade-morning kick-off: Your Dallas Mavericks on The Late Show with David Letterman last night, running down the "Top Ten Good Things About Winning the NBA Championship." No Jason Kidd (or DeShawn Stevenson), and while Dirk's the best-for-last, who knew: Brian Cardinal's timing suggests he's not only The Custodian but also The Comedian.

Update: Incidentally, a Friend of Unfair Park asks if we noticed the line-up for tonight's show ... which includes Josh Hamilton of Your Texas Rangers. Well, all right. Which is nice and all, but will Sam Jackson do a reading?