If This Is What Day One of Harry Potter Con at the Anatole Looks Like ...

Spencer Campbell

Not sure about Harry Potter, but we think we see Chris Elliott standing in the back.

Yesterday, hundreds of Harry Potter fans -- Potterphiles, Potterheads, whatever – arrived in Dallas for the annualy salute to the boy who made J. K. Rowling rich. The magical gathering's underway at this very moment; currently attending the panel "All's Fair in Love & Quidditch: Games as Metaphors for Love and War Throughout the HP Series," matter of fact.

And while Thursday was the slow day, with most HP fans resting quietly after their pilgrimage to Dallas and plunking down $220 for the conference, there’s little doubt about who will control the hotel this weekend. Like Hogwarts on initiation day, the Anatole has been crowded stuffed full of wizards’ robes, stuffed owls and school-girl uniforms (yay!). Near the entrance was little Malfoy in his black cloak and slicked-back blond mop. In the registration line was this little piece of wisdom from Kyla of Austin, explaining her Slytherin loyalty: “Slytherin is evil capitalism. They have all the good characters. Gryffindor doesn’t care about economics -- they only care about heroes and swords.”

And on the stage in the banquet hall there were The Moaning Myrtles, the No.1 women’s wizard rock group in the world, according to Aziza Aba Butain, the PR guru behind Portus. The Myrtles compose each song from the viewpoint of Myrtle, some ghost that lives in the Hogwarts' bathroom. She’s in love with Harry and laments often about how their love can never be – ‘cause she’s a ghost and all. The Moaning Myrtles opened for The Mudbloods -- based out of Austin, but featuring a Dentonite as the lead singer.

That was about it for the first day of the conference, but don’t worry. Unfair Park will be covering the event all weekend (because it's there) and should -- oh, who are we kidding? -- when something weird happens, we'll post it. --Spencer Campbell