Richardson High School Speaker Baffled by "Dateable Girls Know How to Shut Up" Uproar

Justin Lookadoo can't figure out what all the fuss is about. He showed up at Richardson High School yesterday to give the same motivational speech he's given to students thousands of times only to have his name desecrated on Twitter and be pilloried by the media.

His presentation, he told NBC 5 last night, his bleached Guy Fieri haircut now simply brown, made no reference to religion or the "R. U. Dateable" tips he peddles on his website.

The message was simply "empowering the student to actually take control of their relationships," he told the station.

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Still, Lookadoo found himself in full damage-control mode after students discovered his advice online ("Dateable girls know how to shut up," "Men of God are wild, not domesticated") and started the hilarious #lookadouche hashtag. So, he went on the offensive:

Lookadoo has deleted the corresponding Facebook post (it's posted in full below), but a glance at WFAA's comment section shows that the message got across. Let's review some of the pro-Lookadoo comments that popped up shortly after he issued his plea:

Logan Holfelder: The dude is great at what he does and he speaks the truth. If kids my age and your listened to those rules rather the society we wouldn't be near as lost when it comes to love.

Beau Rolfe Great advice! Men and women are different for a reason. THAT IS HOW GOD MADE US!! There isn't anything wrong with our differences. Please look at the list carefully. News 8 did their best to highlight the most provocative sound bite and quote it out of context, knowing many would not read the entire list. While some if the words in the list could have been chosen better, overall the list is great advice.

Kelly Norwood If only we could see 50 years into the future and see how all the 'non-dateable' people vs 'dateable' people fare. Dateable - let me see if I can remove all the offensive language that is meant to wake up stupid teenagers: girls = genuinely feminine, content, honest, modest, not vindictive, liberated from past mistakes (that's really one only God can do), a generous conversationalist, confident, attentive, supportive.

Katherine Diaz The comments I read here from uneducated and unwise individuals is astounding. Justin Lookadoo has the most upmost [sic] respect and adoration for women. If folks actually read his book in its entirety that would be evident to the reader. I recommend his books for every teenager and adult for that matter, male and female. Most kids do vomit too much information and it is unattractive regardless of sex. I am offended that y'all are offended because you lack the correct information. It's reminding me of the Tom Cruise comment that was just taken completely out of context to sell online ad space.

We live in a world where the God given roles of men and women have been totally distorted. No matter how much society, the media, and the world want to ignore the wonderfully different traits our creator has bestowed upon the sexes, they will always exist.

Kathy Turner My daughter heard Justin speak at church recently. She is a very beautiful and strong minded, intimidating personality and is known for this. It keeps some boys from understanding her and from her understanding herself. These dating rules actually HELP the young girl that is always getting the message to be strong, independent and fierce to know that it's OK to not have to be everything to everyone. IT IS OK to let a boy have his place to lead within the date. It does not mean he is her leader. It means she RESPECTS him in his natural role and she is to be RESPECTED in her role, too. In our home my husband is definitely the HEAD of our home. But make no mistake. I, as any good woman is, am the NECK.... Think about it.... What is the role of the Neck.... When young people choose to date, there is a role for each of them. That's all Justin is saying. It works better this way. It always has. This is not religion or 1950 -- This is just natural.

Here's the full text of Lookadoo's plea to his Facebook followers:

Want to make a difference? Go to wfaachannel8 fb page. Leave a comment. They set it up like i was preaching at a school and the complaints are based on relationship stuff on a website that i dont talk about in schools. They want to know if it is appropriate for students to hear about teen relationships. For those who have seen me speak you know what I say.

*whatever relationship you have in middle/high school will not last

*what you put in it now determines pain when it ends

-ditch your friends you'll be lonely

-drop out of life over relationship you'll feel lousy

* girl drama- girls will destroy each other. Protect yourself.

* girls never compromise who you are just to get a date.

*guys stand up and be a man.

Stand up for kids who are getting made fun of.

*girls if a guy ever calls you a name or pushes/slaps you get out of relationship. That pretty much covers it. All the things I want my little girl and two boys to know.

Go to their Facebook and post or there is a poll. They said text the letter "A" (without quotes to 48411. That means you like teens to have empowering messages. Lets be the positive voice for our kids.

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