The Mother of a Man Who Shot a Dallas Cop Arrested for Threatening to Shoot Dallas Cops

Rewind for a moment to the morning of April 15, 2013. Tyrone Allen, 26, allegedly murders his pregnant girlfriend in Hamilton Park, then leads police on a wild 40-minute chase that ends about a block from where it began. He's finally pulled from beneath a house and arrested after a several-hour standoff, but not before police say he shoots Officer Daniel Malouf in the abdomen.

It's a horrible set of circumstances, the type of case that inevitably leads non-sociopaths to wonder: Where does evil like this come from?

In this instance, we have an answer. It came from Paula Jean Allen.

Allen, who was arrested Sunday evening at an apartment complex in the 13030 block of Audelia Road, is Tyrone's mother, or at least appears to be. (Dallas PD's report from last night doesn't explicitly identify Tyrone as her son, just that she has a son who shot an officer about a year ago. Far as we can tell, Malouf was the only officer shot around that time frame.)

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Initially, officers took Paula Allen into custody on a charge of aggravated assault. According to police documents, she'd been on the phone having an argument with a 28-year-old woman over taxes. Allen told the woman to come to her apartment, presumably so they could talk in person. When she arrived, Allen was holding a kitchen knife.

The woman's hand was bleeding by the time police showed up to arrest Allen, though she wasn't sure whether she'd been cut by the knife or the window she'd accidentally punched while trying to defend herself.

By the time Allen, 48, was booked into Lew Sterrett, three counts of retaliation had been added to the aggravated assault charge. The reason is that Allen allegedly kicked the squad car and hurled insults and death threats at the three cops who arrested her all the way to jail.

One of them she kept calling a "dumb redneck." All three were the target of, variously: "I am going to kill you and your family"; "I hope you and your family die"; "I hope you die tonight"; "I hope you crash your car and wreck"; "I'll do anything. I have nothing to lose"; and "My son shot one of you before."

Given the family history, the police report says officers believed she might make good on the threats.

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