Today's the Day We Find Out if Sex-Toy Enemy Lands Pardons and Paroles Slot

Longtime friend of the show Scott Henson sends word: We need to be on the lookout for news out of the state Senate Nominating Committee confab today, as Burleson vibrator-hater Shanda Perkins has her Board of Pardons and Paroles confirmation hearing scheduled for 1 p.m.-ish. Surely you remember Perkins -- if not, well, there's always our "Sex Toy Story" from '04, in which she proved to be a major buzz-kill (high-five ... anyone ... no?). Scott's made his opinion quite clear concerning Perkins's nomination by Governor Rick Perry, for whom Perkins has done some campaigning in recent weeks:

This nominee should be rejected; Perkins simply doesn't have a background to inspire confidence she'll make wise and judicious decisions on the parole board, and the board is already slanted in its membership and failing to meet its own release guidelines. Adding Perkins to the mix would only exacerbate that problem.
If her confirmation goes through, her term would expire on February 2015.

Update at 1:39 p.m.: The ACLU of Texas just sent along a letter opposing Perkins's appointment to the Board Pardons and Paroles. Why come? "Ms. Perkins only identifiable experience with the criminal justice system has been in leading the charge in creating a Texas law that was later found unconstitutional by a federal court." The entire letter to Governor Perry can be found here.