Arlington Star Wars NerdAuthor Parting With Original Trilogy Arcade Game

Really, this is just a post for the 4-year-old who lives in my house. Alas, though, there is a decent local connection, as Arlington resident and Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book author Geoffrey T. Carlton is selling on eBay his Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game, which he bought to photograph for the book and has since decided he don't need no more. Only four hours left to bid, and thus far it appears there are no takers at the opening bid of $2,300 -- or, about as much as I've dropped in various machines over the last couple of years feeding the young apprentice's habit.

You know the game, right? Good timing too -- it's the arcade game's 10th anniversary, hooboy. It'd go really well in the game room of my new imaginary house. --Robert Wilonsky