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Just for Laffs: Down to City 'Hall O' Death' for KDFW-Channel 4's Roast of Social Media

If you woke up this morning respecting your local news broadcasters a little too much, well, witness the healing power of the KDFW-produced video after the jump.

Since it hit the station's Facebook page yesterday morning, it's been drawing raves from ROFL'ing commenters, but if, like us, you missed last weekend's Lone Star Emmys -- where the video looks to have debuted -- you might wonder how it went over in a room honoring the state's top broadcasting work.

The video's jam-packed with about as much awkward social media name-dropping as you might expect, from the MySpace to the GeoCities -- move over, Tripod! -- to comment on This Modern Media Landscape of ours, all the while boldly declaring that the time to joke about City Hall shootings is now. Best of all, it's a glimpse at a whole new side of KDFW'ers like Matt Grubs, Natalie Solis and Sophia Reza, with Clarice Tinsley cast as the ringmaster in this Bizarro circus.