Things More Interesting Than The Next Food Network Star: Kidney Stones, Greggo and Jessica Simpson!

Morrey Taylor

He's not the Snake, but, perhaps, Snake Plissken?

So sorry, but I just can't bring myself to write about Lisa Garza's ascension to The Final Threeway on The Next Food Network Star; sorry, not that interested in Suze's cassoulet queen, even if she does live a few blocks from the house, so what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas unless you look elsewhere. (But, thank God, the closest a Project Runway contestant comes to the 214 is Jerell from Houston.) Next week we'll get back to Garza, win or lose. Instead, this end of the day hodgepodge:

A researcher at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas says "global warming may raise kidney stone cases." Which is awesome.

A dude on Deadspin notes this concerning Richie's story on ex-KTCK-AM host Greg Williams: "What does a publicity shot from Escape from New York have to do with morning radio?"

And I am sure you can have all kinds of fun with this photo of Jessica Simpson, taken from a boat in Lake Tahoe yesterday, from which she and her sis watched Tony Romo play with his putts. --Robert Wilonsky