In Light of Budget Shortfall, Dallas ISD Trustees' Resolution to "Make Education a Priority"

Earlier this afternoon, over on the DISD Blog, Matthew Haag posted a memo Dallas Independent School District sent to district employees Friday, in which the super warned: The state's mammoth budget shortfall could result in "a staggering $180-$200 million" being excised from the district's budget during the next two years. And since 85 percent of the DISD's budget goes toward personnel, that could mean a significant reduction in payroll. "Things do not look good," wrote Hinojosa.

That sentiment is echoed in a resolution the trustees will sign and adopt at their board meeting on Thursday: "Make Education a Priority." (I know, I know.) An excerpt:

Whereas, the current Texas public school finance system is negatively affecting an increasing number of public school districts; and

Whereas, past diligent legislative efforts to address the state's method of adequately and equitably funding Texas schools has fallen short of broad measured success; and

Whereas, the legislative year of 2011 bears the attributes of repeating the 2009 legislative session's lack of reliable funding improvements ...
Resolve to read the rest on the other side.

Resolution of Acknowledgement