Two Women Reportedly Pepper-Sprayed, Robbed an SMU Student

Early this morning, around 3:30 a.m., a 22-year-old SMU marketing student was returning to his apartment complex in the 5900 block of University Boulevard when, just inside the gate, he was approached by two women.

They were both in their mid-20s, he said, had bleached blond hair, black shirts and gray sweatpants. It became painfully clear that this was not a social call.

The SMU student, who asked not to be identified, said one of the women pulled out a can of pepper spray and doused his face. As he tried to wipe the spray from his face, they grabbed his wallet from his pocket. He got the wallet back before they fled to an SUV waiting outside the gate, but not before they had emptied it of $200.

He filed a police report this morning and has spent the rest of the day trying to rid himself of the pain.

"Ugh, it sucks," he said. The initial burst of excruciating pain, plus the feeling that he couldn't breath and was going blind, have passed, but "I'm still dealing with it now. I showered and [the burning] basically moved from my face to the rest of my body with the water."

Sounds unpleasant. At least he'll have the comfort of knowing that his description of the suspects could help break the case wide open. How many pepper spray-packing, bleached-blond 20-somethings could there possibly be in the SMU area?