CBS I-Team Discovers Sex on the Internet

Mireya Villareal is the junior member of CBS 11's crack squad of investigative reporters, the I-Team for short. She's a tough, no-bullshit type, as is clear by the Serious Face she dons in her photo, and she's dedicated her career to sniffing out government corruption and waste and protecting consumers from scams and predatory business practices.

Last night, Villareal turned her laser-like focus onto her computer screen, where she discovered that -- shield your pets' eyes, folks -- people are using the Internet to help them pay for sex.

Not only that, but there are entire hooker-review websites, namely, that let johns educate themselves before deciding where to spend their hard-earned cash.

We've written about ECCIE before, and similar sites have been around since the Internet's infancy. But all this seems to have come as a shock to Villareal when she Googled "escort review" and stumbled upon ECCIE, which she describes as a website that's "been around for years, but flourished, while it was based right here in Fort Worth."

"Women actually create profiles on this site and customers can post reviews about their services," she says.

The takeaway from Villareal's piece is that people who pay for sex, like restaurant patrons or someone buying a lawnmower, want to be informed consumers. The Internet, being the Internet, gladly obliges by providing online reviews. Thank God the I-Team's on the case.