Warrant Issued for 18-Year-Old Accused of Setting Puppy on Fire (Update: Arrest Made)

Update, 9:42 p.m., Friday: An arrest has been made. From DPD:

Darius Ewing, who was wanted in connection to the puppy who was burned, has surrendered to the Dallas Police Department. He surrendered to police while a candle light vigile was being held by area animal advocates for the puppy named Justice, who died from his injuries.

The Police Department would like to thank the SPCA of Texas, animal advocacy groups, concerned citizens and Crimestoppers who pulled together to offer a reward in this case.

Original Item: Dallas police are one step closer to arresting the person who doused a puppy in lighter fluid and lit it on fire two weeks ago. A warrant was issued for the arrest of 18-year-old Darius Ewing, who allegedly threw a lit cigarette on the dog. A $25,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information leading to his arrest.

Authorities are not releasing further information until an arrest has been made.

The severely burned puppy, Justice, received treatment for a week and seemed to be improving, but his condition took a sharp turn on April 13 and the dog died while receiving care at Texas A&M.