The City of Dallas and Its Shiny, Distracting Thing

Apparently, we haven't wasted enough time trying to choose a new name for Industrial Boulevard. Because now, through Friday at 5 p.m., you can offer your half-cent's worth in the city's so-called "Public Interest Survey" by picking and clicking on one of the six contenders: Cesar Chavez Boulevard, Eddie Bernice Johnson Parkway, Riverfront Boulevard, Trinity Lakes Boulevard, Trinityview Boulevard and Waterfront Boulevard. The brain trust on Marilla Street will make the final call come June, but, says the city's site, this is how much your input will matter:

"The Dallas City Council will make the final decision on the street name, but will take into consideration the results of this survey; the testimony presented at the public hearing; the recommendations of the City Plan Commission, the Subdivision Review Committee, and the Subdivision Administrator; and the street name standards in Section 51A-9.304."
In other words, as Schutze put it earlier this month: Quick, look at this shiny, distracting thing! Least the city can do is show the results as the "vote" is being taken; but, nope, ain't even bothering with that. Instead, let's just look at Guy Reynolds' pretty pictures of Industrial Boulevard, currently showing on Flickr. --Robert Wilonsky