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And Where Will You See Tron on Friday?

I couldn't make the Tron: Legacy press screening a few days back -- they keep me chained to the desk these days. Besides, the 7-year-old who lives in my house wants to see it, even if he does find (the great?) Steven Lisberger's original '82 film "a little boring and confusing," as he put it when we watched Tron a few weeks back. Kids.

Anyway. To the actual point of this post: Two new movie theaters are scheduled to open Friday -- well, one's new and the other's a long-awaited rehab. But, still. At long last Regent's Highland Park Village Theatre reopens with "two large theaters with plush seating, premium sound and all-digital projection"; the two smaller theaters will be available for rentals. Lori Stahl has the screening schedule, which is awful nice.

And Tron: Legacy's playing HPV, all right. Except, well, don't you wanna see the 3D version on a really big screen? Like, something ginormous? A place where you can just turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream? Some place, I dunno ... extreme? Then you're in luck, especially if you live up Frisco way: Cinemark sends word it's opening its 12-screen megalplex in Frisco Square Friday as well. Says here it has "wall-to-wall screens, 100% digital projection and enhanced sound systems equipped with higher quality speakers and 7.1 capable digital surround sound." Also: "The Cinemark Frisco Square complex will contain an extremely popular Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium." Well, that's more like it.