Hard Rock to Stop Rockin' After All

So, yeah. You know where last week we said the Hard Rock Cafe was still rockin', at least for the time being? Well, the time's come and gone.

I just got off the phone with Hard Rock Cafe's New Jersey-based publicist John Gogarty, who does confirm that on March 3, the McKinney Avenue mainstay is closing. Though there's been no official announcement, Gogarty was kind enough to send over a statement concerning the demise of the Hard Rock, which opened its doors November 28, 1986. The farewell address is after the jump, but it contains no hint about what the building, a church built in 1910, will become -- a CVS or something else. And we still don't know whether it will even be left standing when all is said and done.

"That'll be up to the new owners," Gogarty says, referring to the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which is due to take control of the Hard Rock chain in March.

Gogarty does say that Hard Rock higher-ups came to town on Sunday to tell the venue's staff that the place was closing. There was some immediacy, he says, because of last week's rumblings and grumblings that the end was near. Apparently, we had no idea how near. --Robert Wilonsky

Hard Rock Cafe Dallas Statement:

On March 3, Hard Rock International will be closing its Hard Rock Cafe Dallas location.

Since opening its doors in Dallas in 1986, Hard Rock has enjoyed a rich history and appreciated the opportunity to serve the Dallas community.

We believe that Dallas, and surrounding areas, are important markets for Hard Rock International.

We are actively exploring other opportunities in the area, including a Hard Rock Hotel/entertainment complex and more strategic locations for a Hard Rock Cafe in this market. A number of locations are currently under consideration.

We expect to return to the Dallas market, at the right time in the right location.

Hard Rock International has two additional Texas cafes in Houston and San Antonio.