Food News

Tio's Will Return. Some Day. Somewhere.

A good Friend of Unfair Park sent word earlier this week that Tio's Tortas is reopening soon, following its December demise. But it won't make a comeback in February -- don't believe everything you read on cached Web sites full of misspellings. Founder Lex Berlin tells Unfair Park today that, yes, "We are going to reopen," but he still doesn't know where or when. "The rent [on Lemmon Avenue] just went up and over what we could do, and now all our junk is waiting for us to find a new location."

Berlin says he was "pretty close to a location on Campbell Road," in a KFC that was close to closing. "But we're looking for anywhere in Uptown with a high daytime density and ethnic diversity," he says. So, Realtors, feel free to suggest a location. Till then, La Hechizera it is.