No, Danny, No! Also For Sale, the Comic Cover Featuring Spidey and Your Dallas Cowboys.

Last week, we directed your attention to a possibly unpublished but nevertheless quite original John Romita Sr.-illustrated comic-book cover intended for a Dallas Times Herald giveaway courtesy Sanger-Harris, which Heritage Auction Gallery intends to let go to the highest bidder at month's end. But Friend of Unfair Park Ed D. notes: On eBay, at this very second, is another Romita original cover for this 1983 Times Herald giveaway I still own but have since passed down to the 7-year-old who lives in my house. Make an offer or buy it now for $5,000. The seller is Romitaman Original Art, which, I see, has the perfect something for those who may need to buy Norm Hitzges a Christmas gift.