City Hall

Reality TV to Hit Dallas City Hall Tomorrow as Khloe Kardashian Holds Toy Drive on Plaza

You wanna talk about a living Dallas City Hall Plaza, dig this: Several Friends of Unfair Park have dispatched this item from the blog of one Khloe Kardashian, now a Dallas resident courtesy her husband's trade to the Mavericks. And, yes, city officials confirm: Kardashian will indeed be holding a toy drive at City Hall tomorrow from noon to 2 p.m., for which all the proper permits have been obtained.

Promises Kardashian, who does much fund-raising for children's hospitals:

I will sign autographs, take photos, whatever you dolls want, as long as you have an unwrapped (still in the packaging though) toy for children of all ages (especially stuff for teens) to donate! For health purposes, we will not be accepting stuffed animals, or anything unpackaged for that matter, with the exception of books. In my past experience with this, I've found that fun card games and things the children can play with in bed always make the best presents.
City officials confirm: Camera crews will be in tow; so too much security. "They have security, and we have security," says Janis Burklund, head of the Dallas Film Commission. "We don't know what to expect in terms of turnout, but with people off work for the holidays, they might have time to show up. It's hard to tell." A media alert with further details, she says, is forthcoming; I'll update accordingly. Will certain elected officials be able to resist their turn in the spotlight? Highly doubtful. "I think it's nice for her to get involved in the community," says Burklund. "It'll all be good."

Update from City Hall at 5:58 p.m.: The event will be in the lobby. But, two rules: "The public will NOT be allowed to park in City Hall Garage for this event." And: "Individuals will not be allowed to cue up prior to 10 a.m."