City Hall

City's Thoroughfare Committee to Begin Rolling Out Dallas Bike Plan's "Quick Wins"

For those who haven't really read the Dallas Bike Plan, you might want to sit down with it sooner than later -- both the 76-page document and the June addendum, which runs 42 pages. Like, say, turn to Page 33 of the plan, where you'll find the heading "Strategic Demonstration/Early Implementation Projects." That's where you'll find the chart you see above, which has the quick wins on the city's to-do list -- "many of which are already programmed and funded as City Thoroughfare Plan reconstruction projects," says the document, "which represent an opportunity to implement discrete segments of the Dallas Bikeway System."

Not all are gonna be that quick -- like the Riverfront redo, which stalled out at council before the summer break. But I see on Thursday the city's Thoroughfare Committee is meeting to consider three amendments to the Thoroughfare Plan, one of which involves reconfiguring Bishop Avenue from Colorado Boulevard to Neely Street -- turning Bishop from a four-lane undivided roadway to a "special three lane undivided with bicycle lanes within 100 feet of right of way" and so on. I asked Jason Roberts about it, and he says this has been in the planning stage for a year -- ever since a massive '06 bond project involving bigger medians proved unwieldy and transmogrified into a bike-lane redo.