DPD Needs Help ID'ing Men Responsible For Series of Violent Convenience Store Robberies

On the other side are two surveillance cam videos the Dallas Police Department just posted to YouTube as part of its ongoing effort to enlist the public whenever the department needs some extra eyeballs. In this instance, the department says that two men, at least one of whom carries a TEC-9, have been responsible in recent months for a series of convenience store hold-ups, some of which have resulted in shots being fired -- as you'll see in the second video after the jump, taken from the April 18 robbery of Kilo's Grocery at 4213 S. Lamar Street.

That video was made two days after the hold-up at Kelly's Drive In just up the street at 5506 S. Lamar, during which both men working at the store were held at gunpoint. But, says the department, the two men seen in the video have been at it since at least January 7, when they're also suspected of having robbed the Friendly Foods at 2200 Cedar Crest Road (where "one of the suspects fired multiple shots as they fled the location," per the DPD) and the Dalia Food Mart on Camp Wisdom, where the suspects also stormed in with TEC-9s.

Says the DPD: "If anyone has information about the listed robberies or the identification of the suspect, call the Dallas Police Robbery Unit at (214) 671-3584 or Crime Stoppers at 214-373-8477."

From the DPD:

The first video is of the offense that occurred at Kelly's Drive In located at 5506 S. Lamar St. This offense took place on April 16, 2011 and was documented on case 96704-Y. In this video, both suspects are wearing black. One of the suspect's holds one of the store employee's at gunpoint with a black Tech 9 as the 2nd suspect also armed tells the cashier to open the cash register and then to lie down. Suspect one takes money from the register. One of the suspect's fires a shot into the air as they flee the store with an undetermined amount of money.

Again, DPD says:
The second video is of the offense that occurred at Kilo's Grocery located at 4213 S. Lamar St. This offense took place on April 18, 2011 and was documented on case number 98123-Y. In this video, one suspect is wearing black shorts, a black button up shirt with a white t-shirt underneath. The 2nd suspect is wearing a green polo shirt with dark jeans. The suspects are shown walking around the store before the robbery. The 1st suspect in black is shown walking back into the store, passing the 2nd suspect and jumps over the counter armed with a handgun and points it at the cashier. As he does this, the 2nd suspect in green pulls out his handgun and also points it at the cashier. Both suspects demand money and as they have the cashier at gunpoint, they take money from both cash registers.

As they are doing this, an employee who was outside the store looked inside and saw the suspects. Suspect #1 saw him and fired a shot in his direction causing the glass to shatter on the door and injuring the employee. The employee ran and a second employee went to look in and suspect #2 fired a shot in his direction. The suspects took an undetermined amount of money as they fled, one of the employees outside fired shots at them and the suspects returned fire. The suspects fled in an unknown vehicle. The 2nd employee that was outside was shot in the left leg. None of the injuries were life threatening.