At Least One Council Member Has Questions for Oncor About Protracted Outages

Ran into some acquaintances Sunday afternoon and into the evening who were still without electricity following Thursday's snowstorm; several of them packed up the kids and were forced to take refuge in Plano hotels, since Dallas was all booked-up for the All-Star festivities. Angela Hunt posted several items yesterday, back to back to back, concerning her constituents' linger loss of power -- due, according to Oncor, to "device level outages (transformers and fuses)." Fine, writes Hunt, but it's not like this is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence:

Based on the emails I've received, it sounds like many residents experience regular outages that Oncor needs to fix. Next week, I will be talking with Oncor to let them know about these problems and see what they will do to get them resolved.
Per Oncor's Twitter account, 15,000 remain without power (as of two hours ago) -- though some of that stems from new outages caused by yesterday's gusty winds. Then, there are those customers refusing Oncor emergency workers "vegetation management access." Really? Really.