Kay Bailey Hutchison's Fellow GOP Senators Begging Her Not to Leave D.C. Just Yet

On Tuesday, Governor Rick Perry told the Associated Press he seriously doubted Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison was going to challenge him come 2010. Because, look, "there's plenty of time for the senator to think that it's not in her best interest, Texas' best interest or the country's best interest to leave the United States Senate and come run for governor." To which the U.S. Senator from Dallas responded yesterday: Guess again. (As you can see from the photo, she also spent some time on Wednesday with her former mayor, Ron Kirk, President-elect Barack Obama's pick for U.S. Trade Representative.)

But when will Hutchison resign from the Senate? Not sure. Because, as Politico.com reports this morning, her fellow Republican senators are begging her to stay for as long as possible, lest a special election "give Democrats a 60-seat, filibuster-resistant majority in the Senate." Says Senator Orrin Hatch, "She's a great lady, and I don't blame her if she wants to run for governor, but the fact is we'd like her not to. We'd like her to stay right here."