This Just in From the Office of Ironic Developments at Dallas City Hall ...

I've been meaning to get to this for hours and was otherwise occupied -- drinking, of course, in anticipation of tomorrow's big day. Schutze's bestest bud, Frank Librio at Dallas City Hall, sent to us media types a press release announcing that the city's Office of Economic Development Web site has been transformed from a clunky, chunky thing into a beautiful place you'll not only want to visit, but live in. In the words of the great Karl Zavitkovsky, director of the City of Dallas Office of Economic Development, "The site plays a critical role in Dallas' economic development effort and the fresh and dynamic new look allows us to present the valuable content with an improved ease of use."

And while I could provide all the benefits touted in the city's press release, I'll leave it to you to discover on your own. (Oh, look -- there's Blockbuster touted as a "success story.") Instead, all I will mention is this: The city of Dallas's new Office of Economic Development Web site was developed by Ariamedia ... which is based in Addison. Huzzah.