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Sites Selected for Potential Dallas-to-Houston Bullet Train Station

Texas Central High-Speed Railway, the private company backing high-speed rail that, potentially, would provide service from DFW to Houston in 90 minutes, announced two preferred sites for its Dallas hub as well as a development partnership Friday morning.

The preferred station sites, part of a list of seven submitted to the feds for environmental evaluation, are both located just southeast of Union Station downtown. The first is an undeveloped tract of land just south of I-30 in the Cedars. The second connects a portion of that area to the area surrounding the convention center and the Omni by bridging I-30.

"As we have seen in other cities around the world, the high-speed rail stations will become the focal point of development that provides connectivity to other forms of transportation. Either of these locations will allow for a high-speed rail station location and design that will become iconic to the Dallas skyline," TCR CEO Richard Lawless said in a press release.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is rooting for the deck across I-30 option.

"I am excited about high-speed rail moving ahead. Both options have the possibility of serving as catalysts for tremendous growth in the city, and I am extremely interested in seeing a deck over Interstate 30, bridging these two vibrant areas of our city and further enhancing what could be an iconic addition to the city of Dallas," he said.

TCR plans to partner with Matthews Southwest in developing the station site. Matthews Southwest was also behind the two high-profile developments closest to the proposed station, the Omni Convention Center hotel and South Side on Lamar project in the Cedars.