The Best Jazz-Funk Album Cover Ever Made, If You're a Dallas Band In Need

On Friday, I came across a black-and-white version of the illustration you see above and contacted the artist, Wimberley-based Susan Rudat, to see if I could share it on Unfair Park. She went one better, offering this Technicolor version in its place. Rudat, whose pen-and-ink sketches were featured on Boing Boing in July, also provided the Friends of Unfair Park with a behind-the-scenes peak at how she done it:

The original drawing is in a Moleskine sketchbook. While in Dallas for the fair, I sketched and photographed some of the downtown buildings. Later, I pieced together this scene, which does not exist in real life. I love to sketch real-life scenes and then romanticize what I see. Color was added with Photoshop.
Incidentally, Rudat was a Dallas resident, for 23 years, till moving to the Hill Country in 2003. And her work can be purchased here, at quite the nice price. --Robert Wilonsky