That DFW Airport Hero Was Not Paul Rudd but Some Guy Named Ben Something

To the disappointment of the whole of the Internet, the blurry good Samaritan in the now infamous video of an apparent homophobe getting what was coming to him after attacking a man at DFW Airport is not actor Paul Rudd. Despite now retracted reports from Wonkette and D Magazine the man is, in fact, Massachusetts native Ben Kravit, an associate brand manager for Dr Pepper at the Dr Pepper Snapple group who now lives in Dallas.

Kravit, as more than 3,300,000 people have already seen in the YouTube video, was the last guy on the pile after the instigating party kicked his victim in the junk and whiffed on right hook to the head at about the 1:15 mark in the video.

So that mystery is solved. Despite some apparently conclusive Twitter sleuthing, nice guy Paul Rudd was nowhere near DFW at the time of the incident.

As for the real mystery, who the smiling, homophobic, substance-addled person who started the fight is, we still don't know. We've asked DFW airport police for a police report, or even just a name, and they've told us they were still in the process of redacting the report of the incident so it could be made public.

(h/t Jezebel)