7-Eleven Looking to Fill Every Square Inch of North Texas, Thank Heavens

Maybe if Starbucks just sold Slurpees and Big Gulps, they wouldn't be shuttering 600 locations throughout the U.S. and A. -- including novelist Brendan McNally's favorite Lower Greenville location. Because this morning brings news that Dallas-based 7-Eleven, Inc. is looking to expand the brand by hitting the 300-location milestone in the DFW alone by year's end. [jump]

Doesn't really have far to go; there are already 245 locations around town, all .2893 of a mile from your place of residence. Says the man with the plan for local domination, it'll happen "through acquisitions, ground-up and franchise opportunities." Speaking of writers with a love-hate relationship with chains, sociologist and author Grant McCracken once had this to say about thanking the heavens: A 7-Eleven is "a shrine to processed food, bad service, aesthetics without mercy, design without shame." But what's his point? --Robert Wilonsky