"13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 13..."

Oliver Peck's gonna have his own line of Vans this summer. Us, we're lucky just to have shoes.

I took a little trip down Amnesia Lane recently when a friend informed me I was in a video on YouTube. The year was 2001. The day, Friday the 13th. Me? I was bent over a chair with a grimace on my face, and before you go any further, I was getting a tattoo. And with regards to the video and that day, lots o' people were doing the very same thing. It was the Friday the 13th on which Elm Street Tattoo's beloved Oliver Peck achieved the world record for the most tattoos given in 24 hours -- 320, to be exact.

At this very moment, Peck is at it yet again, inking tons of "13"s (from a slew of designs, or customers' own design within size restrictions) during a 24-hour period that began nine hours ago. This year, he's joined by fellow Elm Street artists Dean Williams and Mark Galvan, as well as four additional artists from across the country. (Tatt enthusiasts can keep their fingers crossed that Peck's other half, Kat Von D, known from Miami Ink, will show, but the shop says she's not on the schedule as of now.) The buzz of the gun, which fired off last night at midnight, continues until the witching hour tonight, and for $13 bucks ("plus a $7 tip for good luck," according to the Elm St. info), you could be permanently etched by the hand of Peck...whose new Vans designs will be available this summer. Yeah, that's what I said. Guinness and Vans? Talk about local celebrity. Check out Oliver Peck's world-record feats after the jump. --Merritt Martin

The video without Merritt Martin:

And the one featuring Merritt Martin: