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The 10 Best Margaritas in Dallas

It's that time of the year when sitting your ass on various local patios and drinking before noon is totally acceptable, folks. We're pretty excited about patio season, and it's indisputable that the best drink to enjoy on a patio on a spring day is a margarita. When it's hot out, they're impossibly refreshing. When it's still a little chilly because Texas weather is weird, the tequila will warm you right on up.

Some (many) margaritas in this city are terrible, even though it is practically the official drink of Dallas. When made with bottled sweet-n-sour and bad tequila, margaritas aren't even worth drinking. These 10 margaritas, though, meet a much higher set of standards. Made with the best ingredients and mixed by talented barmen, you might as well just tell your job to shove it and plop your ass on one of the fine patios attached to these 10 establishments. Get thee to drinking, Dallas.