Eat This

The Chocolate-Dipped Paletas at CocoAndre: Just Go, OK?

CocoAndre is a shop on West Davis Street in Oak Cliff that sells all manner of chocolate. Like many chocolate shops, you can get fancy chocolate bars studded with nuts or fruit or both. You can also get tiny truffles in no fewer than one million flavors.

CocoAndre also sells chocolate molded into everything from chocolate Louboutins complete with red chocolate soles to massive teddy bears that stand at attention like they're gaurding Buckingham Palace. You can get chocolate old ladies, chocolate labradors and chocolate rabbits, even though Easter is long gone. You can even get chocolate Texas-themed things like boots and maps of the great state of Texas.

But the best reason to come to CocoAndre, besides asking if they can mold a chocolate bust in the likeness of Jerry Jones, is the chocolate that's shaped like a paleta, precisely because it's a paleta that's been dipped in chocolate moments before it's placed in your hands.

At your request, you're presented with a tray of available options. The paletas are still wrapped in cellophane, brought to you by Maxfrut, a paleta factory that's based in Arlington. After you've chosen, your paleta is taken in the back where a large vat of molten chocolate sits ready to chocolate cover everything. Moments later the paleta returns, encased in your choice of milk or dark chocolate and ready to be consumed in the warm sunshine out on Davis Street.

I have no need for chocolate shaped like a mustache or a bowtie, but I could develop a serious dependency on a frozen treat like this one. You could start a similar habit if you're inclined. I'm pretty sure the side effects are minimal.

CocoAndre, 831 West Davis St., (214) 941-3030,