Willie Nelson Has a Special New 4/20 Song, Because of Course He Does

From any other artist, we might think this is a belated April Fool's joke. An ode to marijuana called "It's All Going to Pot," released on 4/20 and hosted on Conan O'Brien's Team Coco website? Hoo boy. Bring on Triumph the Insult Dog. Except with this being Willie Nelson, you know full well that it's serious. And that, plus Merle Haggard, is why it's so great.

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Nelson and Haggard are getting ready to release a new album of duets called Django and Jimmie (a tribute to Django Reinhart and Jimmie Rogers) on June 2, and "It's All Going to Pot" is the first single from that record. It's a sprightly, three-minute tip o' the hat to the growing momentum of the pot legalization movement, wrapped up in a tongue-in-cheek double entendre about how the world is "going to hell." The horns at the beginning and end even lend it a "Ring of Fire" mariachi vibe.

These are high times indeed for Nelson, who's whisked his annual Fourth of July Picnic away from Fort Worth this year and taking it back to its original home in Austin. More importantly, he also recently announced plans to start up his own brand of retail-ready weed, called Willie's Reserve. And in the video, which draws on in-studio shots from the album's recording sessions, it looks like he and Haggard are having a real blast (not to mention sampling some of the new Reserve product -- big surprise). Can you blame them?


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