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A Pop-Up Dallas Bake Sale, Looking for a Permanent Home

On Saturday, things in the East Dallas strip that is home to Jimmy's and Urbano Café got a little sweeter. A fresh coat of blue paint lapped the walls of the space that used to house the storied Spiceman's FM 1410, and baked bread smells laced with citrus filled the air as two aspiring bakers tried to make their mark on the neighborhood.

This was actually the second Bake Sale. Organizer Lily Hanson likened the efforts to a business date with her partner Skye McDaniel. The two hadn't worked together previously and thought a series of pop-up events would help them test the waters before they fully commit.

Still, for a pop-up event, the two are taking their roles very seriously. A Bake Sale sign hung from a post above the door, and cakes, breads and other baked goods were packaged in cellophane, wrapped with twine and labeled with a logo. Hanson said she's taking her "pretend" business seriously in part because she hopes the pop up will find a permanent address. And that's the last thing that Hanson or McDaniel said because moments later the space was filled with customers fawning over baked goods and jars of preserves while asking questions.

If the term "bake sale" evokes Rice Krispy treats and bad dollar brownies, you have it all wrong. I blew through 20 bucks in a flash and my bounty disappeared almost as quickly back home. A jar of strawberry preserves had a loose consistency and a freshness I'd associate with fruit cooked down on the stove not long ago. Lemon added tartness and thyme added unexpected savory notes that did wonders for the bread I toasted and buttered in my kitchen. An almond cake had a lively citrus flavor and sweet but light bar covered in dusted sugar was gone in an instant. There was also a "Mother Bread" with fruit and nuts to mark Mother's Day. I'm still wrestling with regret for having not purchased it.

Future plans for the Bake Sale are still up in the air, but there's a decent chance you'll see them pop up at the same address on a coming weekend if you don't hear about plans for a more permanent location first. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for details. And if you go, don't pass up on any goods that call out to you. You'll be forever haunted.