Grand Jury Doesn't Indict Grapevine Cop for Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man

Grapevine police Officer Robert Clark was not indicted by a Tarrant County grand jury Monday morning. Clark is the officer who shot Ruben Garcia Villalpando, who was unarmed, during a traffic stop.

Villalpando led police on a chase. When he was eventually pulled over, he can be seen on a dash-cam video continuing to walk toward Clark, despite Clark's repeated orders that he stop. Clark calls Villalpando a "motherfucker" at one point, which upsets Villalpando. Villalpando also requests that Clark "kill him" on the video.

“The grand jurors were given complete and open access to all the evidence in this case, including cell phone videos, the dash-cam video from Officer Clark’s vehicle, witness statements, police records and reports, and any additional information that they requested,” Larry Moore, the prosecutor who presented the case to the grand jury said after their decision. “They heard testimony from witnesses representing both Mr. Villalpando and Officer Clark. The attorneys representing Officer Clark and the Villalpando family were also given the opportunity to directly address the Grand Jury, should they wish to do so.”

Rather than hold a press conference, Grapevine Police Chief Eddie Salame released a narrated copy of the dashboard video, in which he explains why he thought it was appropriate for Clark to kill Villalpando.