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RIP Snookie's, Yet Another Casualty Of Dallas' Real Estate Crunch

If you’ve done a lot of drinking in the Cedar Springs-Oak Lawn area, you’ve probably soaked up a few of those Jello shots at Snookie’s, the low-key pub just down the street from all the action in the gayborhood. Snookie’s is famous for its drunk-appropriate fare, like epic piles of nachos and cheese-and-bacon smothered fries. Unfortunately, you only have a few more days to indulge in Snookie’s classic food and inimitable neighborhood atmosphere, because it’s closing at the end of this week.

As CultureMap first reported yesterday, Snookie’s has lost its lease and will close. As Gene Street Jr. told CultureMap, he surmises that the landlord will either “sell the property or redevelop.” Judging by the number of restaurant concepts that are planned for the area, including Misery Loves Company’s highly-anticipated forthcoming spot Madrina just down the street, Street’s estimations probably aren’t too far off.

Restaurants and businesses across the city are shuttering to make way for new restaurants and businesses, and the change in the Oak Lawn area has been no exception. The Maple Avenue Dining District is currently in the works, which would fundamentally change Oak Lawn’s dining scene, for better or for worse. As these new concepts make their way into this constantly-packed part of town, it will be interesting to see whether or not they’ll have the same longevity as a spot like Snookie’s.

Considering that Snookie’s has been around since 1989, though, this is a huge loss for the local community. Where else will they order perfectly-fried chicken fried steaks that are the size of your head? The bar’s trivia nights were legendary, and it was always a good time to spend your late-night hours with a crew of off-duty drag queens who’d just finished performing at the Rose Room. To put it simply, Snookie’s has long been an Oak Lawn institution.

Snookie’s will open its doors for the last time on May 30, which only leaves three days to get your CFS fix before these recipes are gone forever. Street told CultureMap that they have no plans to re-open the concept at this time, but perhaps a little gentle urging from devoted fans would help change their minds? Either way, you’re going to want to head to Snookie’s before it’s too late, and you end up having to plow face-first into a plate of inferior nachos.