Society Bakery Is Your New Spot For Lunch

If you don't keep close tabs on Society Bakery, the business will completely reinvent itself between visits. It was just over a year ago that I stopped in at the bakery's new location on Greenville Avenue. The walls were painted in a rich red color and I took home cupcakes that later gave me a seizure. Now, the small bakery known for giving back to the community has mixed things up again. You won't recognize the place if you've been gone for a while.

The red paint is replaced by a stark white that combines with a new skylight to really brighten up the space. There's also a quaint patio out front complete with plenty of seating and a bubbling fountain. What used to be a storefront that customers quickly ducked in and out of is now a welcoming cafe, which means customers are likely to hang out for a while.
That's one of the reasons the bakery recently announced they'd be adding new savory items to the menu. To the left of all those coma cupcakes and cookies you'll find generously portioned quiches and a number of salads. There's also a menu board filled with sandwiches, and based on the chicken salad on a croissant I had the other day, you're going to want to put this place in your lunch rotation.

That's not just chicken salad, but chicken salad made with organic bird, with dried cranberries for sweetness and almonds for crunch. It comes on a dainty one-eighth sheet pan sized for elven bakers, with a small dish of roasted, diced beets on the side. A number of other sandwiches round out the lunch menu including grilled cheese, pimento cheese, tuna salad and more. 

The only problem with lunching here is you have to look squarely at all those sweet baked goods and say no. I made it out unscathed this time, but a chocolate chip cookie the size of my head was calling my name pretty loudly. I don't think I could restrain myself again.