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Where to See Free Movies This Summer

There will be days this summer when you want to blow your brains out. The kids are going to whine about being bored every few minutes; the temperature will hover in the low 300-degree range, and the biggest movie of the summer will most likely be Mission Impossible 32 with Tom Cruise.

But, boy, do we have the answer for you.


Yes, everywhere you turn in Dallas, venues are hosting free movies, so you can step out of the house and away from the reruns of Jeopardy.

Here's a peek at what's coming. Showtimes are 8:30 p.m. at Sundown at Granada and Sundance Square Plaza in Fort Worth; 9 p.m. at the Nasher Sculpture Garden.

June 3 - Goodfellas: Romance, drugs and dead bodies! It’s a classic. You have the perfect Robert DeNiro impression and now is the time to polish and perfect it. This violent mobster movie is not family-friendly, so keep the kids at home. Or, if you think it is family friendly, keep your li'l thugs away from us. Sundown at Granada

June 10
American Beauty: The ephemeral artistry of a bag blowing in the wind. Kevin Spacey jackin' it in the shower. Ah, beauty. Sundown at Granada
101 Dalmatians: Cruella de Vil was misunderstood. Sundance Square Plaza

June 17
Memento: Can't recall the plot of this one. Sundown at Granada
Dolphin Tale: Being a dolphin with a prosthetic tail sucks, but the parking spaces are great. Sundance Square Plaza
Big Eyes: This bio of painter Margaret Keane is not technically a horror movie, but frankly those big-eyed kids she painted freak us the hell out. Nasher Sculpture Garden

June 19

A Fish Called Wanda: See the glorious Jamie Lee Curtis as she was before she turned into your mom. Nasher Sculpture Garden

June 24
The Lego Movie: Stepping on Legos in the middle of the night is an act from the devil. It’s why you threw all of your kid’s Legos away. But once they have stopped crying long enough to see straight, take them to see The Lego Movie so they can know what could have been. Sundance Square Plaza

July 1
Muppets: Most Wanted: Kermit the frog channels Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Sundance Square Plaza

July 8
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Just wait, kid. Someday you'll have to go to the DMV. Sundance Square Plaza

July 15
Despicable Me 2: When will Dave the minion finally get the Oscar he/it so richly deserves? Maybe after the July release of the new Minions movie. In the meantime ... Sundance Square Plaza

July 19

The Little Rascals: Somehow, the modern version of the Rascals lacks a certain je ne sais ce quois of the originals — overt racism, perhaps. Sundance Square Plaza

July 22
Frozen: Oh, my god, stop everything now and plan your entire life around July 22 at Sundance Square Plaza. The venue is showing Frozen for free and there’s a 99 percent chance your child or your spouse or you will shit themselves with excitement. When they/you do, you know what to do. “Let it goooooooo.” Sorry. Sundance Square Plaza

Aug. 5
Tangled: Let your hair down and enjoy a little Disney magic. Sundance Square Plaza

Aug. 12
Toy Story: There’s nothing like an original. This story chronicles the lives of Andy’s toys, Woody and Buzz. Your kids will love it because Buzz flies and Mr. Potato Head is funny, and you will love it because it’s Tim Allen’s best work. Sundance Square Plaza

Aug. 21
The Lego Movie: Also showing this summer at Sundance Square Plaza, it's a celebration of originality. See it twice. Nasher Sculpture Garden

Sept. 18
Empire Records: A big record store chain threatens to take over an independent store. No, kids, not everyone in it rides around in a horse and buggy. Nasher Sculpture Garden