"FrackFeed," New Site from North Texas Gas Industry, Uses Memes To Prove Fracking Is Good

The young people today like memes. What is a meme? I think it's a picture with big white words on it, John.  Kids, look at these cool memes brought to you by FrackFeed, a new website created by North Texans For Natural Gas.  Obama's interior secretary is definitely going to go viral. Now here is a King of the Hill reference, for some reason. 

And a comparison between Denton and Dr. Evil.

And here is an irreverent take on some science you've been hearing about. 

This makes sense, because Environmental Health Perspectives is actually just a naked hippie's blog. 

FrackFeed is not producing enough content in its "Listicles" section. There are only three, and one of them rebuts the "Top 5 Most Unsupported Things Celebrities Have Ever Said about Fracking" with nothing but animated GIFs. The kids today, they speak through GIFs now. 

In the "Quizzes" section, the North Texans For Natural Gas use images of Modern Family characters to lull us into contentment while explaining that "groundwater is protected from the fracking process by many layers of steal casing and cement." 

Within days, we predict, the young people will be glued to the Facebook, harboring an uncontrollable urge to share all of FrackFeed's content.