Easy Peasy IPA, Deep Ellum Brewing Co.'s Latest Creation, Reviewed

Session IPAs are all the rage with breweries, especially during the summer months. People want to enjoy IPAs, but the thought of pounding heavy beers in the heat is recipe for a bad time, especially in Texas. To fill that void, local breweries are stepping to the plate, with Community's Sundial IPA, Lakewood's Hopochondria and Dallas' newest session IPA: Easy Peasy IPA from Deep Ellum Brewing Co. 

Released at the end of June, and available only in can, Easy Peasy IPA is DEBC's latest beer and possibly their best. Being one of the first local craft breweries to market in Dallas, DEBC has built a strong brand and done a great job of putting their beer in just about every bar, store and restaurant in the area, even if Dallas doesn't rate their work among its favorite beers. Regardless, that might change with their newest creation.  According to the brewery, Easy Peasy is brewed with "tangerine and lemon peel and Pacific Northwest aroma hops."  While only a faint citrusy smell rises from the beer, the taste of Easy Peasy definitely carries the citrus flavor they describe, as well as some mild hoppiness. With a nice amber coloring, relatively light body, and subtle citrusy aftertaste, this is definitely a beer that begs to be consumed several at a time.  Coming in at only 5.2 percent ABV, Easy Peasy IPA is no heavier than most lighter beers available. More important, Easy Peasy is definitely a notch above DEBC's Deep Ellum IPA.

Easy Peasy is available year-round, so Dallas has another session IPA to choose.