First Look

The Second Pakpao Thai is Open in Preston Hollow Village

The much-anticipated second location of Pakpao quietly opened its doors and handed over the chopsticks to their first customers on Friday evening. The new spot is in Preston Hollow Village, a relatively new shopping center off Walnut Hill Lane filled with the likes of Modmarket, Trader Joe's, Vertskebap and more than a few spa and fitness options. The last few details have been slid into place — every last Tiger beer and tiny ceramic dipping bowl. Art has been hung and the moving dust has been freshly swept away. Pakpao’s kitchen will be firing off a limited menu for lunch and dinner at first, followed by the full menu on September 12, adding brunch service after that. The look and feel of the second Pakpao is strikingly similar to the original in the Design District, but it’s larger, presumably for more pad Thai eating and Chularita drinking. Take a peek at the new space before you head in for a taste.