10 Beers That Could Make Dallas as Famous as Milwaukee

Schlitz is the beer that made Milwaukee famous — we don't know what for exactly, or anyone who drinks Schlitz, for that matter, but never mind that. Anheuser-Busch was once the heart of St. Louis. Now it's the appendix of Belgian-Brazilian consortium InBev. Anchor Steam is San Francisco's iconic brew, of which we have nothing snarky to say. 

But what about Dallas? Our city got a very late start to the brewing game. While Rahr has been bottling suds for decades, most popular local breweries have only been around just a few years. So where will they be after a few more decades are ticked off? These locally brewed beers have the best shot at becoming the city's iconic brew. And you can sample them all at the Dallas Observer Brewfest next month.

Velvet Hammer, Peticolas (pictured above)
Arguably the most recognizable local brew, the Velvet Hammer hits like a sledge, with a high ABV and bold flavors. Still, the beer is balanced and not too hoppy — a well-rounded if dangerous brew.

Golden Opportunity, Peticolas
Golden Opportunity is a smooth, relaxed and sessionable beer — everything that the Velvet Hammer is not. If the weather is hot, or you know you're going to be drinking for hours on end, this is the beer for you.

Temptress, Lakewood Brewing
Lakewood's Temptress is a thick and heavy imperial milk stout that is perfect for beer drinkers who like brews that go down like steak.

Lakewood Lager, Lakewood Brewing
Don't read lager and think Bud. This Lakewood brew has a light, copper color and balances hops with malt to yield a drinkable, slightly sweet glass of beer.

Mosaic IPA, Community
If you're a fan of the aggressive hoppy flavors that are the hallmark of an IPA, you'll find Community's Mosaic to be an excellent beer. But you have to like hops. A lot. #Hopmonster

Local Buzz, Four Corners
Honey is all the rage as a beer ingredient in Dallas, because it's one of the few beer ingredients that can be sourced locally. Local Buzz makes use of the sugar with a soft hand, resulting in a subtle sweetness that allows the beer to retain its refreshing nature.

Super Bee, Four Corners
A saison with aggressive tendencies, Super Bee could easily go 10 rounds in the ring with other similarly styled local beers. It's a little hoppy, a little yeasty and a delicious and summery saison. 

Ugly Pug, Rahr Brewing
This black lager was on grocery store shelves long before the rest of the local craft brew scene boiled a first mash. If any local beer stands a chance at becoming an icon, it's this one.

Blood and Honey, Revolver
Another local beer that makes use of honey, Blood and Honey leverages the work of bees to offer a beer with a straightforward sweetness.

Dallas Blonde, Deep Ellum Brewery
The beer for beer drinkers who say they hate craft beer. Dallas Blonde is smooth and drinkable, without any of the bitter hoppy, malt or other aggressive flavors that can turn off commodity beer drinkers. Plus, there's that name with its "goes down easy" slogan.