Openings and Closings

CocoAndre Moves to the Bishop Arts District

Earlier this year, I discovered CocoAndre in Oak Cliff and their dipped-to-order paletas that promised to make summer a better season. The paletas were presented still wrapped in cellophane, and after I chose my flavor (coconut) it was taken in the back where baths of molten chocolate waited. Moments later my paleta returned, covered in a thin sheen of dark chocolate. This made me happy.

You can still get chocolate-dipped paletas at CocoAndre, but you'll have to find the new location first. They've moved to 7th Street, just a block away from the Bishop Arts District in a quaint, light-filled cottage that will only enhance your shopping experience. 

To prove the point, they're hosting a number of events, and while breakfast may not conjure the most chocolatey of daydreams, none of that matters when breakfast tacos are involved. If you need more incentive, know that they are Chinese sausage, egg and potato breakfast tacos, and roasted apple cajeta waffles will also be available. They're serving breakfast this Saturday starting at 11 a.m.

But let's get back to the chocolate — specifically hot chocolate and the cooler fall weather that is now painfully close. Back at the original location I chomped on paletas, racing against the sun to finish the treat before it melted. Now at the new location, I can lounge on the front porch with a warm cup of hot chocolate and the smell of dying leaves in the air. It's enough to get me through the entire winter and into spring, just before it's time to pick up with the paletas again.

CocoAndre, 508 W. 7th St., 214-941-3030,