Donald Trump Gets Touched by First Baptist Dallas' Robert Jeffress

Full credit to The Dallas Morning News' Robert Wilonsky for finding this video first, but boy, it sure is something. First Baptist Church of Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress, it turns out, was not content to give his blessing to the Donald Trump for president circus just once.

Monday afternoon, according to the Christian Broadcasting Network, Jeffress and a whole pile of televangelists — including Fort Worth's favorite anti-vaxxer, Kenneth Copeland — used and were used by Trump at the real-estate magnate's Trump Tower in Manhattan. A clearly smitten Jeffress told Fox News Tuesday that the pastors' meeting with Trump had everything

"We talked about everything from Kim Davis and religious liberty to the shutdown of the government for Planned Parenthood, to Russia, Syria, ISIS," Jeffress said. "I tell ya, anybody that was in that meeting would've left there, first of all, impressed by his great charisma, by his grasp of the issues, but also the fact that he's in it to win it."

Jeffress said that evangelicals who support Trump aren't doing so because of the candidate's Christian credentials; they just don't like President Obama.

"A lot of the evangelicals supporting Donald Trump aren't expecting that he's going to start holding Bible studies in the Oval Office. They just want somebody who's going to solve problems," Jeffress said. "I think after seven years of Barack Obama, the threshold of expectation has been lowered. A lot of evangelicals aren't looking for a president who's one of them, they just want a president who doesn't hate them like the current occupant of the Oval Office does. The fact that [Trump] makes an attempt at evangelicals and says that he likes them is probably good enough." As the two-hour meeting wrapped up, the pastors all laid hands on and prayed for Trump. Trump's facial contortions during the prayer are the stuff of nightmares and magic.