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Dallas' 10 HOTTEST Apartment Complexes

Yeah, we know: Dallas is all about big houses with green lawns and a couple of cars in the garage — WRONG! Maybe that was true when your grandma was alive, but this is the 21st century. Apartment living is where it’s at, and in case you’ve been living under a rock in Arlington, the market here is SCORCHING HOT. People just can’t resist Dallas’ uniquely awesome — dare we say EDGY? — brand of urban living.

But just when you think the apartment scene couldn’t POSSIBLY get any hotter, BOOM! Builders drop another STUNNING development even more AMAZING than the last. Choosing the best is like picking a favorite season of The Bachelor. They’re all SOOOO good. So just because a new apartment doesn’t make the list doesn’t mean it’s not FABULOUS, but these new developments just SCREAM Dallas!

10. 4110 Fairmount
When your building is this HOT, you don't need a fancy name — the address is PLENTY! This GEM just replaced some yucky old houses, and GOOD RIDDANCE! Who can say no to progress when it looks this FABULOUS? But 4110 Fairmount isn't just an ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECE. It's also in one of the HOTTEST parts of town, just a short walk from the UBER-CHIC offices of the Dallas Observer!

9. Alexan Fairmount, 4210 FairmountOh, you thought the Dallas Observer's 'hood couldn't POSSIBLY get any awesomer? WRONG! Dallas' own Trammell Crow Residential — oh, you know, just the most innovative developer on the PLANET! — just dropped this BEAUTY just BLOCKS from the Observer mothership at Maple Avenue and the Tollway. Could Dallas living POSSIBLY get more URBAN than this?

8. Axis Wycliff, 4343 Congress Ave.
Funny you should ask, because when it comes to URBAN and DALLAS, the answer is always YES! This building is at the EPICENTER of FABULOUS, which must be why they JUST changed the name from Aura Wycliff (LAME!) to Axis Wycliff (AMAZING!). And GUESS WHAT? It's just a FIVE MINUTE WALK from the Dallas Observer — just the HOTTEST publication in the UNIVERSE! I know — isn't it INCREDIBLE how many JAW-DROPPING apartments they can fit in FIVE SQUARE BLOCKS?!?

7. Routh Street Flats, 3033 Routh St.
Lace up your running shoes because this JEWEL is just A BLOCK from the Katy Trail — and a short jog from the SUPER-TRENDY Dallas Observer! Routh Street Flats' SLEEK new website promises a "NEW ANGLE ON LIFE." You can say that AGAIN, because ALL these angles are RIGHT! And you thought FLATS were just boring shoes!

6. 21 Forty Medical District, 2140 Medical District Drive (Duh!) Not everyone can live RIGHT NEXT to the Dallas Observer, but this MASTERPIECE is just one SHORT Uber ride away! But whatever it lacks in Observer convenience, it more than makes up for in EDGINESS! Contrasting SLATE GRAY with BURNT ORANGE? GENIUS! Spelling out HALF the address number? AH-MAZING! This is an URBAN experience you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

5. Cityville Southwestern Medical District, 2222 Medical District DriveThe location of this MASTERWORK is almost perfect — barely more than a MILE from the city's most PHENOMENAL news outlet, the Dallas Observer. Its color scheme is COMPLETELY perfect — concrete, slate and brownish gray. You could frame this picture and put it in your living room, but why do that when you could LIVE HERE!

4. Arpeggio at Victory Park, 2425 Victory Ave.They used to say that Victory Park was DEAD, but being so close to the Dallas Observer — just a quick jog down the Katy Trail! — it was bound to come ALIVE. No place taps into Dallas' pulsing urban SOUL quite like the Arpeggio. This building is just like the musical technique, a HARMONY that just keeps going up, up, UP! So yeah, Victory Park is BACK!

3. Ilume Park, 3109 Douglas Ave.Urban living doesn't mean you have to abandon your BEST FRIEND! ilume Park (tagline "Where Luxury Living Meets Your Pet's Paradise" — oh YEAH!) is the HOTTEST place for you AND your dog. Don't believe it? Check out how they BRAZENLY flout the rules of CAPITALIZATION. Still not convinced? Well, just walk Fido a few blocks and GUESS where you'll be: the Dallas Observer!

2. Berkshire Medical District, 4730 Fairmount St.Looking at all the AWESOME apartments around the Dallas Observer you probably think urban living in Dallas couldn't POSSIBLY get any BETTER. Well, the GENIUSES behind Berkshire Medical District found a way: gently sloping roofs. BRILLIANT? Check. BREATHTAKING? Double check. As you can see, this is a place for OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinkers. CONFORMISTS need not apply.

1. Alexan at Goat Hill
STUNNING. GROUNDBREAKING. A WORK OF ART. We could go on, but don't take it from us. Just look at that GORGEOUS facade. The brainchild of Trammell Crow Residential (WHO ELSE?) and perched atop Goat Hill (thank GOD someone got rid of that GROSS waterfall), this is the MOST EXCITING project to hit Dallas in YEARS. Remember the ASTONISHING Alexan Fairmount (No. 9)? Well, this is like TC painted it an AWESOME shade of beige and stacked a second one on top, because urban living this INCREDIBLE just can't be contained by four floors. The best part? You can almost see the Dallas Observer from up here.