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Braindead Brewing Rolls Out New Fall Menu

The folks at Braindead Brewing in Deep Ellum have unveiled new fall menu items. Here's a glimpse for those looking to capture fall-icious flavors at their peak.

The list is long and tempting. The roasted acorn squash stuffed with wild rice risotto and Spanish chorizo promises to warm and comfort you on a chilly night. Sautéed rainbow chard adds an autumnal accent to their chicken-fried rib-eye with veal gravy and bone marrow. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy all your favorite foods? Try the turkey hot brown, a warm, open-faced sandwich topped with turkey, sour cream mashed potatoes and jalapeño-studded dressing, all drizzled with brown gravy. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Thanksgiving exploded onto a sandwich (with the most delightful results), here is your answer.
Proving to be more elusive is their new dessert item. Using leftover doughnuts from Glazed Donut Works, Braindead has dreamed up a butter-roasted glazed doughnut, filled with jalapeño cream cheese and kissed with butterscotch and Duroc bacon. Is there actually such a thing as “leftover doughnuts?” We think not. This may explain why two visits have left us mournful and doughnut-less. It sounds so delicious though; we are powerless against a third attempt.

How does one decide when given so many exciting options? To quote their motto: “Don’t overthink it.” If you're stumped, ask your server for help. They know their stuff backwards and forwards, and can help you pair your selection with one of their vast on-tap selections or something from their very own brew room. Any choice is a solid one, likely to warm your belly and soul. Unless, of course, you order the doughnut and they're out. Then, well, you've failed.